Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
CreateTexture1DImplementation Method (width, genMipmap, format, data)
TeslaTesla.Direct3D10.GraphicsD3D10RenderSystemProviderCreateTexture1DImplementation(Int32, Boolean, SurfaceFormat, DataBuffer)
Creates a new texture 1D implementation.
Declaration Syntax
public Texture1DImplementation CreateTexture1DImplementation(
	int width,
	bool genMipmap,
	SurfaceFormat format,
	DataBuffer data
width (Int32)
Width of the texture
genMipmap (Boolean)
True if mipmaps should be generated
format (SurfaceFormat)
Surface format
data (DataBuffer)
DataBuffer to populate from, if null an empty texture and miplevels are generated.
Return Value
Texture 1D implementation

Assembly: Tesla.Direct3D10 (Module: Tesla.Direct3D10) Version: (