Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
CreateTextureCubeImplementation Method (size, genMipmap, format, data)
TeslaTesla.Direct3D10.GraphicsD3D10RenderSystemProviderCreateTextureCubeImplementation(Int32, Boolean, SurfaceFormat, array<DataBuffer>[]()[][])
Creates a new texture cube implementation.
Declaration Syntax
public TextureCubeImplementation CreateTextureCubeImplementation(
	int size,
	bool genMipmap,
	SurfaceFormat format,
	DataBuffer[] data
size (Int32)
Size (width/height) of the cube texture
genMipmap (Boolean)
True if mipmaps should be generated
format (SurfaceFormat)
Surface format
data (array<DataBuffer>[]()[][])
DataBuffer to populate from, if null an empty texture is generated.
Return Value
Texture cube implementation

Assembly: Tesla.Direct3D10 (Module: Tesla.Direct3D10) Version: (