Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
SetRenderTarget Method (renderTarget, cubeMapFace)
TeslaTesla.Direct3D10.GraphicsD3D10RendererSetRenderTarget(RenderTargetCube, CubeMapFace)
Sets a Cube render target, to the first render target slot and unbinds all currently bound targets. Setting this to null unbinds all targets and sets the target to the currently active swap chain's back buffer.
Declaration Syntax
public override void SetRenderTarget(
	RenderTargetCube renderTarget,
	CubeMapFace cubeMapFace
renderTarget (RenderTargetCube)
Render target to bind
cubeMapFace (CubeMapFace)
Which face of the cube map to bind

Assembly: Tesla.Direct3D10 (Module: Tesla.Direct3D10) Version: (