Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
CreateVertexBufferImplementation Method (declaration, usage, data)
TeslaTesla.GraphicsIRenderSystemProviderCreateVertexBufferImplementation(VertexDeclaration, ResourceUsage, array<DataBuffer>[]()[][])
Creates a new vertex buffer implementation populated with the array of data buffers, one buffer for each vertex element. These must match up with the defined vertex declaration elements and be of the same number.
Declaration Syntax
VertexBufferImplementation CreateVertexBufferImplementation(
	VertexDeclaration declaration,
	ResourceUsage usage,
	params DataBuffer[] data
declaration (VertexDeclaration)
Declaration to use
usage (ResourceUsage)
Resource usage
data (array<DataBuffer>[]()[][])
DataBuffers to copy from, one for each vertex element. Total stride and size of each element must match the vertex declaration
Return Value

Assembly: Tesla (Module: Tesla) Version: (