Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
ApplyRenderState Method (stateType, state)
TeslaTesla.GraphicsIRendererApplyRenderState(RenderStateType, RenderState)
Applies the render state to the device. If the state is null, then the default state for its type is used instead. If the renderer is enforcing a state for the specified state type, that is used instead. If the state to be applied already is present in the cache, the renderer returns, preventing redundant state switching. It is important to let the renderer take care of state management, and not to set states directly in your shader program, in your effect pass. Otherwise, the render states may be inconsistent to what is present in the cache.
Declaration Syntax
void ApplyRenderState(
	RenderStateType stateType,
	RenderState state
stateType (RenderStateType)
Enumerated render state type to apply
state (RenderState)
Render state to apply to the device, if null the default state is used based on the enumerated type.

Assembly: Tesla (Module: Tesla) Version: (