Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
Tesla.Content.Loaders.Model Namespace
Declaration Syntax
namespace Tesla.Content.Loaders.Model
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Icon Type Description
DXS Model loader. DXS files are XML files from the DeleD 3D Editor and can be individual models or an entire scene. Lights and animation data are not currently imported. If the model is to use normal maps, then the DeleD Material must have the diffuse map or diffuse color set to the first layer, the normal map set to the second layer, and optionally a specular map set to the third layer. When a BlendType.Modulate is used, an alpha of .5f will be used. Otherwise the standard effects are used. The first layer denotes either diffuse color (and alpha) or a diffuse texture, and the blendstate that will be used. The second layer may only be a diffuse texture. When BlendType.Modulate is used, an alpha of .5f will be set.