Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
Tesla.Core Namespace
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namespace Tesla.Core
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Buffer class that acts like a Stream. It has relative Get/Set operations to copy byte data to and from the buffer regardless of buffer contents.

DataBuffer<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Generic buffer class. Has additional relative and absolute Get/Set operations.

Static root class that manages key engine services (notably the render system) that are used to serve many engine objects. This class provides a central point to initialize rendering services and then to clean up resources.

EngineServiceProviders is a collection of services used by the engine internally. This is to provide loose coupling and reduce reliance on singletons. The engine uses service providers in order to create concrete implementations for many objects at run time, such as hardware buffers and textures.

Enumeration for engine-defined values.

Encapsulates the engine value properties, which is a centralized way of binding and serving shader uniform data. For this data map to properly work, a camera and timer must be set before values are requested.

GameTime is a snapshot of time during the simulation. It is managed by the GameTimer class for its values to be set.

GameTimer is a timer used for interpolation. When the timer is updated it returns a GameTime object that represents the current snapshot of the simulation - elapsed time from the last update call, and the total time the simulation has been running. This does not necessarily reflect real time, since the timer can be paused.

Encapsulates a method that has no parameters or return values that will be executed when an application is Idle. Generally this is the method that contains the main update/render "loop" and is thus a heartbeat for your graphics application.

Host that manages the message pump and acts as the "game loop". A host requires that the window be a primary window, otherwise running the host will fail.

Interface that defines the underlying implementation of a Window.

Service provider that creates the underlying implementarions for Window.

Engine exception for general errors that occur during application execution.

A window is the part of the screen that a scene is rendered to. It is abstracted enough where a window can exist as a primary window (e.g. the main application window) or a secondary control that is added to another GUI application (e.g. an editor). Every window owns a swap chain that describes the back buffer.