Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
Save Method
Icon Member Description
Save(ISavable, Stream)
Saves the specified value. Writing external savables will be disabled.
(Overrides ResourceExporter<(Of <(<'ISavable>)>)>.Save(T, Stream).)
Save(ISavable, String)
Saves the specified value. Default external writers will be used if WriteExternals is true.
(Overrides ResourceExporter<(Of <(<'ISavable>)>)>.Save(T, String).)
Save(ISavable, String, array<ExternalWriter>[]()[][])
Saves the specified value. A list of external writers can optionally be passed to either override the default writers or add new ones.

Save(Object, Stream)
Serializes an object to the stream.
(Overrides ResourceExporter.Save(Object, Stream).)
Save(Object, String)
Serializes an object and saves it to a file.
(Overrides ResourceExporter.Save(Object, String).)

Assembly: Tesla (Module: Tesla) Version: (