Tesla Graphics Engine Documentation (January 2012)
RenderBucketType Enumeration
Render bucket type for how the engine organizes and sorts geometry with the render queue.
Declaration Syntax
public enum RenderBucketType
Member Description
Default Default, let the engine best decide. If not explicitly set, usually Opaque.
PreBucket Geometry guaranteed to be rendered first, sorted by material and/or front-to-back.
Shadow TODO (Placeholder)
Opaque Geometry that is opaque, sorted by material and/or front-to-back.
Transparent Transparenty geometry, sorted back-to-front. May render geometry in 1-2 passes.
Ortho Geometry that should be rendered with an orthographic projection. Sorted by IRenderable.OrthoOrder
PostBucket Geometry that is guarnateed to be rendered last, sorted by material and/or front-to-back.
Skip Do not use the render queue, render immediately to the screen.

Assembly: Tesla (Module: Tesla) Version: (