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    new to both Assimp and AssimpNet so forgive me if’ either I’m asking non-sense or this belongs to native Assimp…

    What I want to do: read a JSON structure that links to OBJs, put together an overall scene graph, dump that one to DAE.

    Where I’m struggling:

    (1) I guess I would need a master Assimp.Scene where I add all the file-related Scenes in terms of their meshes, etc. However I cannot create such a scene due to missing constructor.

    (2) For whatever reason I don’t see how to export a (managed) Scene

    Thanks a lot i.a. for any support. Also if you have comments on the general approach I’m following, let me know please.

    I’m using AssimpNet 3.3





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    sorry, seems it did not fully sync the new version (3.3) over 3.2. Seems there’s now a constructor – so (1) is solved. Need to explore it more to see if (2) disappears too



    got some progress!

    however one thing open at the moment: I’ve a dictionary of Assimp.Scenes that contain meshes. Now, when I create the Assimp.Node tree I want to reference the meshes from the nodes but don’t see how to do this. There’s only a getter for inquiring the mesh indices but no setter/set method at all it seems. Any hint, pls?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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