User registration is live

As are the forums. Bear with me as the site is still a very much work in progress. I only spend a little time on the site and I don’t really have a head for any sort of web development. I’m running BBPress in order to more tightly integrate user account creation with wordpress.

While I’m here, small update on my progress on the engine revitalization project. I’m happy to report that I’m more or less on track with a summer source release date. The content pipeline has gotten a nice re-design (and actual completion!) that includes utilization of the Task Parallel Library in .NET. The past month I’ve been exploring TPL and async/await as Tesla has moved to .NET 4.5. And I got to say, my mind is just <strong>blown</strong>. So yep, the ContentManager and content pipeline is now fully compatible with splitting loading among different worker threads.

Right now I’m engaged in where I left off with the overhaul of the Render System, namely the Direct3D11 port and introducing multithreaded rendering (or at least, the building blocks in order to thread how your renderer functions). It’s very exciting stuff. I have a few articles planned that I still need to pen to start introducing some of the design work and how V2 of the engine will look like. Stay tuned!

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