AssimpNet on NuGet!

I'm pleased to announce that I released a minor AssimpNet (3.3.1) update today. The library is now distributed via NuGet! Support also includes symbol server via Since I first heard about NuGet I knew I wanted to get on there but I never really spent much time actually sitting ... Continue Reading

AssimpNet 3.3 Release

After throwing it out the door kicking and screaming! Wew! The latest AssimpNet is finally available to download (the last release was over a year ago, yikes!). It was a very long time in the making and most of my users have been working off of the trunk anyways. A few last minute issues cropped ... Continue Reading

Well, slipped that milestone.

I think I have my own concept of "Valve Time". The very last thing I officially posted on this site was September 1st of last year. Good grief! Obviously I slipped my fall (previously summer) milestone by |--| this much. And my last twitter update was in November, something about remaining work on ... Continue Reading

Changes to AssimpNet

I have just submitted changelist r97 to the AssimpNet project. Breaking changes. First and foremost, LogStream and AssimpImporter are now two separate concepts. Previously you had to attach a log stream to your importer. Now its a stand alone object where you call the Attach() and Detach() ... Continue Reading

Meanwhile in AssimpNet land…

Just a heads up for AssimpNet development and to let you all know that it’s not been forgotten. I’ve made lots of ground with the trunk version – a total revamp of marshalling to allow both native to managed and back to native was no small feat. However development has somewhat slowed as I drew more ... Continue Reading


I thought it would be instructive to give a sort of roadmap of where I'm heading in the development. I'm probably not going to hit the "late summer" release of the code as I hoped, it's looking to be more like September. Code-metric wise, I have about 1/5 of the old engine ported (and redesigned), ... Continue Reading