AssimpNet on NuGet!

I’m pleased to announce that I released a minor AssimpNet (3.3.1) update today. The library is now distributed via NuGet! Support also includes symbol server via

Since I first heard about NuGet I knew I wanted to get on there but I never really spent much time actually sitting down and playing with it. It’s a really cool idea which seems to be catching on in the developer community. Ever since I found out that googlecode stopped supporting new downloads, which somewhat hampered distributing pre-built binaries for the library, I knew the time was soon coming that I had to dedicate some time to exploring how to actually create a NuGet package. After some initial mishaps and stumbles, the NuGet package is now live! :)

Due to the nature of the library, the creation process of the package was a bit more complicated than purely managed libraries. I also got my feet a little bit more wet with MSBuild (had to create a pre-build script that would get the unmanaged DLLs to the proper place). In the end it seemed to turn out great.

Hopefully this will aid consumers (just .NET for now folks) of the library. I find it rather cool that you basically can get setup with the library in literally a few mouse clicks inside of Visual Studio.

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