Changes to AssimpNet

I have just submitted changelist r97 to the AssimpNet project. Breaking changes. First and foremost, LogStream and AssimpImporter are now two separate concepts. Previously you had to attach a log stream to your importer. Now its a stand alone object where you call the Attach() and Detach() ... Continue Reading

Meanwhile in AssimpNet land…

Just a heads up for AssimpNet development and to let you all know that it’s not been forgotten. I’ve made lots of ground with the trunk version – a total revamp of marshalling to allow both native to managed and back to native was no small feat. However development has somewhat slowed as I drew more ... Continue Reading

Friday Feature: In The Beginning… Tesla.Interop


Allow me to introduce the Friday Feature (yes I know, it is Sunday - I'm late!). Every week, on Friday (or around the weekend), I will try and push myself to write up something about the next incarnation of the engine - Tesla Engine v2. Fancy right? This is the first such in the series and I thought ... Continue Reading